“Rich Carter recently inspected the home I intend to purchase in Charles Town, WV. He submitted a 17 page report including pictures and covering all areas of the home. He could not have been more thorough or professional in his inspection. I recommend him to anyone intending to purchase a home.”

Elizabeth White
September 3, 2013


“Rich recently inspected a residential property we are intending to purchase. His point – by – point examination covered every feature of the house, and was a model of how an inspection should be conducted. He made sure not to miss anything: climbing up and down his ladder he examined the roof and overhead cables; ducking into its cavernous interior, he made sure that the basement was given the same thorough treatment. His printed report was available the following day, and was a model of what you should expect from such a document: plainly written and exhaustive, with photographs to match. In short, if you’re looking for a pro who knows how to get the job done, then you need not look further. ”

David Katz


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